Service & Repair

In need of a tune-up or repair? We offer a full service department capable of addressing all of your repair needs. Whether you have a flat tire, broken spoke, or just need to get your bike up and running again, give us a call or stop by and we'll take care of you. All estimates are free. We test ride all bicycles during repair. Below is a list of our basic labor rates.

Shop Labor Rate: $60/hr*

* Labor rate is a base price and is subject to change based on condition of bike. Rate does not include parts.

Tune-Up Packages:
Tune-Up 1: $50 - adjust brakes, adjust shifting, check nuts/bolts, oil chain/cables, wipe down bike.
Tune-Up 2: $75 - same as 1 plus adjustment of all bearing interfaces and truing of wheels.
Tune-Up 3: $100 - same as 2 plus overhaul of bearing interfaces.

Suspension Service:
Fork Service: $60-$80
Rear Shock Damper Service: $60
Rear Shock Air Sleeve Service: $30

Wheel Service:
Wheel Build: $60
Spoke Replacement: $25
Wheel True: $16 - $20
Tire/Tube Replacement: $10 (on bike) $8 (off bike)
Tubeless setup: $15
Hub Adjustment: $16

Brake Service:
Brake Bleed: $25
Brake Adjustment: $16 - $20
Install Brake: $25

Drivetrain Service:
Rear Derailleur Adjustment: $16
Front Derailleur Adjustment: $18
Install Derailleur: $20 - $25
Install Chain: $10
Replace/Install Cassette/Freewheel: $8
Install Crank/Chain rings: $16

Bottom Bracket Service:
Replace/Install Bottom Bracket: $20 - $25
Adjust Bottom Bracket: $16

Box Bike: $50-60                                                                                                                                                                 Build Bike from Box: $60-80                                                                                                                                               Build Bike From Parts: $150-200